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If I'm Not Living The Dream, I'm Not Living.

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Livin’ the dream, my new mantra. I’ve been repeating this phrase several times each day in my head for months now. It not only reminds me to enjoy the moment, but it also helps me be aware of each moment. If we aren’t consistently living the dream, we need to make a change. Pronto.

Livin’ the dream. Often, it’s tiny little things like queuing a better song on my playlist and turning up the volume. Working at the coffee shop for a different atmosphere. Pouring a glass of wine to enhance the monotony of dinner preparation. Saying yes to help. Getting a massage. Stepping outside for fresh air, or stepping away from life sucking situations that serve no purpose.

Livin’ the dream. It reminds me to keep seeking my dreams for what I want the rest of my day to look and feel like, the rest of my month to look and feel like, the rest of my year to look and feel like, and the rest of my life to look and feel like. I don’t care if I’m not leaving the house all day, if my clothes feel frumpy, I’m changing into something that makes me feel good. If I haven’t had the time to flip through the magazine that’s been sitting on the counter for two weeks because I’m so busy tackling my must-do list, I’m grabbing that sucker and hiding in the closet to read the darn thing if it satisfies living the dream in that moment. The world will not stop spinning.

Livin’ the dream. It reminds me to quit bitching. Grocery shopping is not my favorite task as it currently sucks up approximately six hours of my week when I add in multiple trips, travel time and shelving all the items once home. That is almost a full workday. So, as I’m maneuvering my cart through the aisles smiling at people and politely saying excuse me to those parked conveniently in the middle, I remind myself I’m living the dream. I’m grateful for the convenience of walking into a store and tossing fresh food in my cart that I did not have to hunt for, grow, or slaughter. Tossing items in a cart without worrying if our food budget will cover three meals each day and countless snacks for my family of six, not to mention a handful of hungry friends on most days.

Livin’ the dream. My current office as I type away is a comfy outdoor couch in the shade on an early June morning with temps already in the mid-seventies. Sweet Emotions by Aerosmith is playing through the speakers along with background noises of a windchime, birds, and a lawnmower that is kicking up so much pollen I’ve sneezed at least twelve times in the past ten minutes. Although I’m coated in a layer of grime, I love the smell of fresh cut grass and I’m reminded I am summer child to the core. There is truly no place I’d rather be.

Livin’ the dream. What does your day look like when you’re living the dream? What are you eating or drinking? Are you up at the crack of dawn or staying up late with the owls? What music are you listening to? Are you working under pressure or seeking minimal stress? Are you surrounded by people or solo? Exercising or sedentary? Leisure day at home, on vacation, at work, or volunteering your time? What are you wearing? Chaos or peace? Warm or cool climate? Rain, sun, snow, or crisp spring or fall air? What do you smell? Who are you with?

Livin’ the dream. It can be as simple as lighting a candle in your favorite scent or as elaborate as climbing the summit Uhuru Peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Living the dream can be dressed to the nines to hang out at home or driving five hours to see your favorite band live in concert. Living the dream can be chilling in a cabin deep in the woods or clubbing in Los Angeles with the stars. Living the dream can be a soak in the tub or skydiving. Living the dream can be cruising in an open Jeep or skiing the slopes. Living the dream can be star gazing or good company and a fire.

Wake up and start living your dream.

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