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Loving Ourselves is an Inside Job.

We set the standards, rules, and our own stipulations. If I don’t love myself, it’s because I’m purposely setting standards that I know I can’t meet. When we allow other people or society to set the criteria for us, we set unmeetable standards. We set ourselves up to fail.

It’s crazy, freaking absurd, how much authority we give family, friends, and filtered pictures on social media the authority to dictate our definition of self-love. Magazines with airbrushed super models, altered images on TV and in movies create an image of who we should be and what we should look like to be worthy of love.

Um, no. I’m in charge of me and of what I love about myself, and I will not give anyone the power to determine whether I’m worthy of my own love. If society wants to judge the cellulite on our thighs, the way our arms flap when we wave, the wrinkles we’ve earned, or the stretch marks left from bringing life into the world, THEY lack self-love and acceptance.

Validation, acceptance, and love is manifested from within.

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