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I Am When I Am Without

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

I am transforming without self-doubt.

I am growing without fear of rejection.

I am confident without external validation.

I am forgiving without excusing mistreatment.

I am trustworthy without being naïve.

I am content without comparison.

I am secure without envy.

I am healing without resentment.

I am responsible without being swallowed up in self-sufficiency.

I am resourceful without being needy.

I am self-loving without shame.

I am outgoing without apprehension.

I am letting go without remorse.

I am courageous without feeling threatened.

I am productive without forfeiting rest.

I am progressing without rushing my process.

I am authentic without embarrassment.

I am self-affirming without bowing to belittlement.

I am goal oriented without fear of failure.

I am sympathetic without being sucked into self-pity.

I am accountable without yielding to victimhood.

I am imperfect without hiding my flaws.

I am self-assured without regard to condescending comments.

I am disengaging without fear of missing out.

I am challenged without overwhelm.

I am following my purpose without the need for consent.

I am focused without succumbing to petty distractions.

I am saying no without guilt.

I am living in truth without denial.

I am confronting without fear.

I am aware without being deceived.

I am decisive without the need for permission.

I am reliable without being taken advantage of.

I am dependable without sacrificing my needs and wants.

I am patient without agitation.

I am vulnerable without feeling weak.

I am present without anxiety.

I am open-minded without judgement.

I am loved by and loving to others without people pleasing.

I am compassionate without enabling.

I am respectful without feeling inferior.

I am humble without shying away from recognition.

I am grateful without opposing necessary negatives.

I am fulfilled without losing integrity.

I am proud without superiority syndrome.

I am reflective without ruminating over the past.

I am inspired without pessimistic thoughts.

I am enough without more of this or less of that.

I am free without surrendering my peace.

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