Carmen is at her wit's end with her rebellious teenage daughter gone train wreck, and a workaholic husband who prefers Las Vegas hotels over family life. With a general disregard for women, Carmen has no desire for friendships of confidants, but after her father calls her home to say her final good-bye to her estranged mother, she inevitably finds herself drawn to rely on two women she'd rather avoid.

Monica's conniving mother-in-law has moved in for the summer with a mission to make Monica miserable. Janice's condescending tongue and scornful eyes ridicule Monica's inadequacies as a parent as well as her lack of domesticity, wreaking havoc on her sanity.

Gabriella worked tirelessly designing and contracting the construction of her and Greg's empty-nesters dream home, only to be blindsided on moving day by an ultrasound picture belonging to her husband and his mistress. When Greg begs and schemes to keep the baby a secret from their children, Gabby is tormented with whether to follow her head or her heart.

Three women, three personalities, three different phases of life. Multiple layers of real-life drama, deception, and betrayal lure them to each other, forming the glue that binds their friendship.


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